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Illicit Affairs: is There Sexual Life after Marriage?

Affair dating is exactly what it sounds like: married people have illicit affairs with other people, both married and single. Of course such things are tabooed within our society, that’s why one involved in some extramarital fling has to care a lot about privacy. Even though it’s a dangerous way of adding some spice to your life, according to the statistics at least 50% of men cheat on their wives. Can they all be wrong? Do you still think it’s not worth trying? And do you think illicit affairs are really illicit? There are no laws (except the law of God) forbidding extramarital romance. But the dark ages are over so is the ascendance of the Bible, along with all its inconsistencies and misjudging. Polygamy is in humans’ nature, hence stepping out on your wife isn’t a sin, it’s just being human. Whether we are created by God or evolved from apes, we love sex and we want it different. But the choice is up to you, as always.

Illicit Affairs and the Danger they Bring Into Your Life

Sure, illicit affairs can be dangerous. Being caught during an adult affair is obviously not what the most men are after. Though such an idea gives some guys a thrill, they may even succeed in involving their naughty wives in the process (lucky bastards!), most men are doing their best not to let their beloved wife and their naughty mistress see, hear or even guess about each other. The less info on yourself you leave, the safer your affair is. That’s why starting your illicit affairs on a dating service like this one is the best way to make sure it’s only about you and the female you’re going to nail, regardless she’s married or not. That’s why if you want to keep the whole thing top-secret, join our community.